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Building a stronger, safer world through AI and Machine Learning.

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What is XMaterials?

AI-generated recipes. Machine learning technology. Materials for the future.

Using patent-pending, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots, we have created the next generation of building materials.

Our AI-made and machine-produced materials are:

  • Stronger
  • Longer-lasting
  • More affordable
  • Faster to Produce
  • Eco-firendly

The concrete, ceramics, marble, and granite industries combined make nearly a $600 billion annually—we will disrupt all four industries

AI-generated recipes

DigiLab, our AI-based software, aggregates millions of combinations of building materials to discover the optimal combinations of ultra-high-density materials for any construction need.

Using geo-location technology, we even find the best combinations of raw materials available near you.

Why are our materials better ?

We're glad you asked. To put it simply, our materials are:

  • Stronger - compression strength 4X higher than traditional concrete.
  • Longer lasting - guaranteed to last at least 50 years.
  • Faster - production speed 4X faster than that of traditional materials.
  • More affordable - ½ or ⅓ the cost of traditional building systems and labor costs.

This doesn’t even take into account temperature resistance, water absorption, and countless other strengths XMaterials has over traditional concrete, granite, marble, and ceramics.

Machine-learning production

HypeCon is a machine-learning platform that completely automates the entire production line process of mixing, casting, drying, final control, and packing products.

Best of all, through machine learning, the AI analyzes the product yield and actually improves itself accordingly.

With a team of five workers, HyperCon does what a traditional cement company would require a team of 31 trained workers and engineers to accomplish.

Environmentally Sustainable Materials

All of our products are made of 99% natural ingredients. That means that all our products are also 100% recyclable. In fact, many of our building material combinations use high quantities of recycled materials or waste materials as initial ingredients.

Compared to ceramic, the energy cost for production is more than five times lower.

A franchise model for success

We grant franchisees access to our suite of XMaterials technologies (DigiLab Pro, HyperCon, and the Blueprint) via on-site or remote implementation.

Token holders have the ability to produce all of the same materials we do, revolutionizing their product lines and turnaround times.

No less than 15% of the net profits generated will be distributed directly to token holders, based off percentage ownership in the overall token supply

What our materials look like

Our Technology

The three elements of XMaterials

  • DigiLab:

    The open-source, AI-software that uses algorithms to determine the optimal recipes of mixing the materials.

  • HyperCon:

    The machine learning-based software that runs the smart machines needed to mix, cast, dry, test, and pack the products.

  • Blueprint:

    Layout and instructions for setting up a faciulities to produce these unique materials and products.

We’re already generating $2 million in annual revenue in our first year of business (without our franchise model in place yet). We’re aiming to take 1-2% of this $600 billion industry within 5 years

Want to know more? Explore our white paper.

XMaterials White Paper

Airdrops, Discounts and Projections

Under our parent company, Intellihouse, we’ve created a functional business model. In our first six months, we’ve already made $2 million (and that’s without the franchise model).

We will pay our token holders 10% of the direct revenue from volume fees charged from all our franchisees. Volume fee will be 50 USD per cubic meter, meaning 5 USD will go directly to the token holders. Even if a company isn't profitable, token holders will be paid from the company's direct revenue.

Our estimated revenue for the end of our first post-ICO year is $10–15 million. By the end of year three, we estimate we will make more than $70 million in annual revenue. By the end of year five, that should skyrocket to almost $500 million.

As an added bonus, franchisees who are also token holders will receive a 25% discount when purchasing the Blueprint and Hypercon.

Our team

  • Svetlin Savov


    With over twenty years of work experience, Svetlin Savov is an expert in the field of economics. His skills and interests in accounting and finance have led him to his current position as the manager at Intellihouse LTD. Svetlin began his studies at the Silistra Technical School

  • Mihail Kamburov

    Communications Advisor

    With his years of experience in the financial services industry, Mihail Kamburov is an expert in wealth management operations. Knowing from an early age that his career aspirations would lead him to an international market, Mihail chose to attend secondary school at the Joan Ekzarh Foreign Language

  • Horst Siewert

    Chief Production Technology Officer

    With a passion for the engineering and technology of construction materials, Horst is an expert in ceramic production. Before beginning his long career in construction material technology, Horst began by earning his university diploma of Engineer for Process Engineering at Gymnasium Ludwigslust. He

  • Todor Totev

    Chief Business Development Officer

    Todor is a passionate believer in holding high standards for product quality and client service. With a rich background of experience as both a Managing Director and a Consultant, Todor’s knowledge of project management is extensive and diverse. After attending the Deutsches Gymna

  • Georgi Ivanov

    Chief Lab Officer

    Georgi Ivanov is a Manager at Beton Project Ltd. He began his professional career as managing director at ZSK-Devnya PLC in 1997. From 1998 till 2004 he worked as general manager for automatization and production at Devnya concrete plant, part of Zavodski stroeji-Devnya. Between 2004 and 2014 he ran

  • Ivan Todorov

    Chief IT Officer

    As the owner of BozoSoft Ltd for over thirty-three years, Ivan Todorov is an expert in management and business strategy. With an early interest in mathematics, Ivan attended the High School of Mathematics in Varna, Bulgaria, where he obtained his secondary degree. Ivan went on to pursue his m


Amount ( in thousands USD )

Success level 1

Upgrade and globalization of DIGILAB through the blockchain

Fine tuning and market introduction of HYPERCON v1.1.

Listing on 1st round of exchanges

Success level 2

Building and equipment for a research and development center

Software development and market introduction of HYPERCON v.1.2

Casting machines and production equipment

Testing and laboratory equipment

Commercial offices in Germany (Berlin, Munich, Leipzig)

Commercial office in Astana

Commercial office in Dubai

Commercial office in Moskow

Success level 3

Building and Infrastructure for mold production

Software development and market introduction of HYPERCON v.1.3

Final controling machines and production equipment

Testing and laboratory equipment

Commercial office in China

Commercial office in Dubai

Listing on exchanges

Success level 4

Machinery and equipment for mold production

Software development and market introduction of HYPERCON v.1.4

Development of waste material processing system

Commercial offices in Nord America

Success level 5

25% production expansion

Expansion of the commercial structure in North America

Listing on exchanges

Success level 6

IT infrastructure for the research and development center

Software development and market introduction of HYPERCON v.1.5

Success level 7

25% production expansion

Commercial offices in South Africa

Software development and market introduction of HYPERCON 2.0 ANN Phase 1

Success level 8

Partnership with Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institut. Research and development of new cement types for concrete production.

Software development and market introduction of HYPERCON 2.0 ANN Phase 2

IT infrastructure for the global HYPERCON network

Commercial offices in India

Success level 9 - hardcap - win-win

Research, development and certification of construction systems for facades

Production of construction elements for facades

Research, development and certification of construction systems for walls

Production of construction elements for walls

Listing on exchanges


Note: No offering is being made and no money or other consideration is being solicited or will be accepted by XMaterials in connection with the issuance of the XMAT Tokens. XMAT Tokens will only be offered by XMaterials to non-US persons in compliance with the registration provided by the United States Securities Exchange Act.

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