Only by filling out the Whitelist/KYC/AML form, you can be given access to purchase XMAT tokens. Once you finish, expect an email confirmation/rejection with further steps.

KYC/AML Whitelisting


Section 1: Personal identity

Please provide us with a color photocopy of ONE of the following documents:

- Front and back of a Civil ID card.

- Passport including the 2 pages of the client and passport details with your signature.

+ Add ID card / passport front
+ Add ID card / passport back

Please upload a selfie of yourself holding the ID document (passport or ID card).

+ Add selfie with ID card / passport

Please provide us with a proof of your Current Residential Address.

- Bank statement.

- Utility bill.

Note that the Document for Proof of Address should be issued within the last 3 months. Do not upload a Utility bill or bank statement older than 3 months ( pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp files )

Section 2: Origin of funds

Origin of Funds What is the source of monies to be invested? Please give a full explanation (Inheritance, property speculation, trading, etc. e.g. Where the source is from sale of property, please give details of the property’s address and total value of the sale proceeds)
Is this account to be maintained for a current or former Politically exposed Person or foreign Public official?
Is this account being established for the benefit of a foreign financial Institution?
Have you or any person that referred you been involved in any prior or pending criminal or regulatory proceedings or any negative reputation issues (including money laundering and/or fraud)?